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About smileyhiley

Hi, I’m Michelle…

I love all things colourful, sparkly and shiny. In particular I love rainbows and hearts. It’d be fair to say I like things that make me smile and lift my spirits.

I’d like to take you on a colourful rainbow journey of crafting, shopping and treating yourself! Hopefully you’ll come away with a little added sparkle, feeling uplifted and maybe even have learnt a few crafty tips along the way.

I craft personalised greeting cards, craft kits, framed keepsakes, decorations and colourful texture-based patchwork art from my home studio space in Stockport, Cheshire.

I don’t make everything on here myself, I have carefully chosen giftware and everyday items that I like and hopefully you will too. I work alongside lots of lovely talented local businesses – who I’m happy to now call my friends – you will see their wonderful products for sale on here and even get to meet them through my blog – smiley thoughts.

In buying from smileyhiley you are sending smiles to whoever receives your cards and gifts; cheering up friends and family, providing entertainment and activities to crafters young and old – and remember happiness begins at home so why not treat yourself too!

I love exploring the colours and shapes in the everyday.

As I walk down the street I am endlessly fascinated by seeing things like single leaves that hold a full spectrum of colour or pebbles that are shaped like hearts. It is this everyday beauty that inspires my work and the repurposing of some of the materials I use.

I started off around 15 years ago – it was just a hobby, making and creating for friends and family, attending local craft and community fairs. Now I mainly work on commissions alone.

By day, I work in television; all behind the scenes, but I am happiest immersing myself in the intricacies of arts and crafts knowing that I am providing smiles to those who receive my work.