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Spring has sprung!

Spring has sprung!

Easter has arrived at smileyhiley HQ!

It’s been a while so I thought I’d say hello.

I’ve recently added lots of lovely new products to my website.  I am delighted to be stocking more items by the talented artist Lucy Pittaway. Do have a browse.

I also have some new smileyhiley Easter craft kits to suit all budgets and to keep your children busy over the holidays.  Check them out here.

As always though – you only have to look around your home to find bits and bobs (and use your imagination) to create something special.

You can recycle or repurpose most things – birthday cards, wrapping paper, containers, egg boxes, toilet rolls – the list goes on.  And we all have a box of crafty items – glue, scissors, paints, felt tips, pipe cleaners etc.

Here are just a few ideas for you and I would love to see what you create – send me your pictures via

Spring wreath

What you will need: Egg boxes, paints / felt tips, cardboard box or cereal packet and glue.

Optional items: tissue paper, felt balls, pipe cleaners, jam jar.

Step one:

Cut the egg boxes into flower shapes. (Small children may need some help).

Step two:

Paint the flower shapes.  Or use felt tip pens.

Step three:

Cut a circular shape out of cardboard (or the cereal packet).

Step four:

Glue the flowers to the cardboard circle to create your Spring wreath.

Alternative step:

Attach pipe cleaners to the flower heads. Push the pipe cleaner through the egg box flower and bend in place to secure.  Add tissue paper balls or felt balls to the middle.  Then add your blooms to a jam jar.

Lollipop stick blooms

What you will need: two pieces of different coloured card / craft foam, lollipop sticks and glue.

(A green piece and a colourful piece to cut into strips. Glitter card/glitter optional!)

Step one:

Take your green piece of card / foam.

Add glue to one end, then fold over your card / foam so it sticks together.

Step two:

Cut into the folded side.  Be careful not to cut all the way through.

Then roll the strip to make a green leafy tube and stick together.

Step three:

With your other piece of coloured card (or glitter card) cut into smaller strips.

Then follow step two but do not roll into a tube.

Step four:

Wrap and glue your strips around the lollipop sticks.

If you don’t have green lollipop sticks – use paints or felt tips to decorate.

Step five:

Add your lollipop blooms inside your green leafy tube.

Alternative step:

If you don’t have any lollipop sticks.  Just follow step two with your different coloured card. (No need to cut into smaller strips). Then roll into a bright floral tube and insert inside your green leafy tube.

Don’t forget – I would love to see what you create – send me your pictures via


Happy crafting and happy Easter.

Michelle xx